About those clothes….

Recently I cleared out the closet and got rid of many, many clothes. I have just enough, but in all honesty, I am not happy with a lot of what I kept. I love my Anne Klein black pants which I have had for over 5 years and they still look new. (Really!) So it was totally worth buying good pants that have lasted over the years. But the problem with a lot of what I kept, is that it is really not very quality except for some sweaters.

Long story short…. I did a scary thing yesterday and shopped for a blouse. It was scary because I felt like, oh no, here I go, shopping again!! But I did this risky thing with determination to buy a quality, somewhat expensive blouse, so I could eliminate a couple of the lower quality tops in my closet.

It took two buying trips. First, I bought the wrong size and had to return the item, but I think I now have a nice, quality, basic black blouse that fits well and can be worn with many pants and mixed with some of my own handmade jewelry.

Live with determination!



One thought on “About those clothes….

  1. I like your determination! I, myself, have recently decided to clear out my closet and find a few good pieces and get rid of those things that I do not absolutely love! However, I have not actually done this yet… Thanks for the encouragement to do something that I have been putting off!

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