Memory Grave

I have been blessed with a large piece of property (70 acres). Today when I was riding through the land, I was thinking about my animals, 2 dogs and a cat, who had passed on. They are buried under one of my large trees together. I loved them so. Then something struck me. I have many, many things… objects that I love and can’t seem to part with. They hold memories for me alone. Anyone else would view it as junk: the doorbell from the house I was born in (they tore the house down and I saved the bell), the broken face of a ceramic piggy bank given to me by my aunt, ticketstubs from my first concert and date, and many, many other useless things that hold a memory. Surely these things would end up in a landfill in a most undignified manner when I am gone, if I don’t plan for them in some way. So here is my brilliant plan.

I will have a funeral for it all. I will get a nice box, some nice fabric, and place it inside. Then I will pick and choose my things that to other people would be junk, but have a special memory for me. These are things I never use, never look at, but when I see it I just can’t throw away. When I have collected all my memories in their little coffin, I will bury it, just as I have buried my little animals. I think if someone finds it all in 200 years, it will be quite an interesting find! But for me, I will still “have” it, but it will be buried in a place of dignity with love.

I think I can do this. In fact, I know I can. When I think of the alternative of letting this stuff be shoveled out and going to a dump, yes I know I can.

An eternal resting place created with love…


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