Why I Can’t Relate To People

  1. I don’t go to movies. Most of the side comments, jokes, cliques, and quirky things people say are lines from movies. I don’t know what they are talking about.
  2. I don’t like sports.
  3. I don’t like restaurants. I avoid restaurants like the plague. The food is 10 times the price it should be and I like my cooking.
  4. I don’t drink. Thankful those days are over.
  5. I find most people today pretty boring. I’d rather talk to their pets.
  6. I hate shopping and stores.
  7. I don’t watch much TV.
  8. I don’t play any sort of computer games
  9. I don’t like Facebook.
  10. I don’t call my husband “hubby”.

OK, those are some negatives that just crossed my mind. Maybe tomorrow I will post some positives to show I am really not as boring as I sound.


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