48 Hangers Later….


Today at work I was listening to the TED talk given by Jennifer L. Scott on “the 10-item wardrobe”. The TED channel has many inspiring talks on minimalism, but this one really hit home. I’ve gotten rid of a lot of clothes over the years, but my mindset has always been: get rid of clothes, so I can buy MORE clothes.

So thanks to Ms Scott’s inspiring talk, I went home and did a massive clearing and I do not plan to replace them at this time.

I put clothes I knew for sure I wouldn’t wear, that don’t fit, that “feel wrong”, into the donation pile.  The clothes that I really thought I “might want” and couldn’t part with, I folded up, stored in another closet… out of sight. If I don’t find a need for them in one year, they will be donated too. The “maybe want” pile was mostly nice sweaters that I don’t wear much, but are quality and look nice.

Everything else is stuff I actually wear. I ended up with about 8 tops and 1 nice blouse, 6 pairs of pants, 3 black skirts, a few jackets, a winter coat, 5 pairs of shoes, 3 boots, underwear, night clothes, bathrobe and socks.

It may be more than 10 items, but it is a massive reduction in what I had and I think in a year, I will have 90% of the other pile gone too!


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