Floodwaters and Cleansing

I came across a beautiful photo today of a flooding stream with downed logs. The Northwest is experiencing record flooding and high winds, so there are a lot of photos being published of high water, storm damage and overflowing rivers.

I try to relate events such as this to my own inner experiences. Sometimes life feels like a logjam, with debris collecting in my path of “where I want to be”. But if you look closely at the logjam, there are pools of water collecting behind the logs. The scum and debris collect, but what seeps through is cleaner, clearer water. The pool is reflecting, still, silent….calm and meditative. The natural flow recognizes the obstacles, but it continues with a natural force, a natural settling from earth’s gravity. It is the path of least resistance we hear talked about so often.

My life has this flow, this cleansing. Who am I to fight this current? As we approach the shortest day of the year, my hope for the new year is to move without resistance, with quiet determination, calmly, silently and reflect the inner light.


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