With the Flow and Feeling Thankful

20151215_070822_001_resizedSometimes I feel so blessed. Things just flow smoothly. Tasks complete. Things find their place. Time slows down and activities fit within the continuum. My body feels in tune and my inner thermostat is manageable with the weather. Thoughts are expressed freely. Responses are appropriate. Ideas are abounding around me and I stand in fascination of the myriad of possibilities.

I can’t truthfully say it is my attitude that makes it so, although I know it has a lot to do with it. Biorhythms, maybe, natures cycles of ebbs and flows. Good diet, restful sleep, exercise, talking to God, maintaining a sense of child-likeness, being firmly rooted in spiritual fruits…joy and peace… I am sure it is all a mixture that creates grace in life.

This repose from the worry of life, busy-ness, inner grief. It is so welcome. During these times, I smile and feel thankful.



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