Rambling Through a Wet Week

It’s been quite a week in the Pacific NW. I haven’t kept up on the inches of rain we have received, I’ve lost count.  I’ve been leaving early to get home while it is still light. That’s allowed me try some crafts in the evening. Crafts have never been my thing, so this is all really new to me. I don’t want to have a “crafter’s house” with craft supplies strewn throughout, so I am approaching this cautiously and carefully.

I thought I’d try some wire-wrapped jewelry. I’ve learned that wire-wrapping stones is hard- very hard – and I’m about ready to give up on it. It’s hard to get a stone to stay in the wrapping and not have the wire look all crimped and ugly.

Here is one of my creations. Quite frankly, I thought it looked like a piece of liver. Fresh liver.

il_570xN.882461727_p6d4I think I am going to try drilling stones next. We’ll see where this leads…

Also this week, I got a new phone and along with the phone came a free tablet. I love the tablet. I think it will be easier to blog and who knows, maybe start an Etsy site and sell jewelry (but I need to create something that doesn’t look like an internal organ).

I really don’t care about phones. A phone is a distraction. I rarely talk on it. It’s for a quick check on email, texts, and Twitter for major news. What a phone looks like isn’t important to me either. I used to love my first Blackberry. I still have it in my memento trunk. It was the silver square with the cute little buttons (I loved those buttons!). But now phones are so passé to me, more there just for emergencies.

Plans for the rest of the week…. throw out more clutter, try drilling a stone or two, work on an Etsy site, walk my pretty dog….

Have a great rest of the week!



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