Simplifying My Social Media

Continuing in my attempt to simplify and minimalize my life and time….

With the arrival of the holidays, my Facebook feed is filled with holiday glut, third-party shares, recipes, and the mundane stream of holiday greetings…. Yes, call me a Scrooge, but it bores me to death. I don’t have time to read it, nor do I want to. Maybe I have hung onto old friends too long and we no longer have the same interests, but too many of my friends are just interested in having an audience for their junky posts! I just can’t bring myself to unfriend them because some of these people have been my friends since grade school!

I tried to filter out my feed using Facebook’s methods of restricting, blocking, etc.… but it never seemed to work right. Short of quitting it all together, I was desperate for a solution.

Finally, in a flash of brilliance and social media courage…I have a solution…. Yesterday, I went through all my friends and unfollowed all of them except 4 very close friends and my husband. No one was unfriended. Now when I go to my feed, I see only the people I really want to see. If I start getting curious about someone, I go directly to their page and take a peek. But gone are the agonizing shares, trite greetings, grandkid pictures, game requests, and temptations to comment on junk.

I let everyone know what I was doing, and gave them the truth… “I am overwhelmed with stuff I don’t want to read and therefore you will be seeing much less of me.” Many people left comments. Some said that they understood completely and had been thinking the same thing. Some thought I must be too busy and left consoling messages hoping I would have “a good rest and feel better soon.” (??) Whatever they think, I don’t care… I only know I DO feel better not having that urge to constantly check the feed stream!


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