Plodding Through the Dark Days

I’ve been in somewhat of a static state. It has something to do with the holidays… maybe the cold weather, and a lot to do with the Paris incident. I’ve been unmotivated and glued to the news which makes me depressed. I am still on schedule with all my tasks, but as with every year, there will be a huge disruption being out of town for the holiday. It really won’t be “normal” until the first or second week of January.  I love that time of year because the days will be noticeably longer with just a bit more light in the evening. I can’t wait! I love the spring… that first wakening of the earth.

Last night I tried to stay away from news and was concentrating on some guitar practice. I’m trying to come up with a happy sound that I can eventually add in my podcast. I don’t have sound equipment, so my feeble attempts do sound pretty feeble, but I will go with whatever I come up with. Here is a little sample of me playing last night. You know, when I play all the time, I really can’t tell whether I sound ridiculously amateur or am I starting to sound ok. I have only been playing for a few years, so I would really appreciate your honest feedback. I hope to play bright, happy and optimist in this piece.



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