Office Work Declutter

Last month I worked on my email and archived approximately 7 GBs of mail, some dating to 2003. Today I tackled my drawers at work. I have worked with this company a long time. Let’s just say it goes over 2 decades. So I have been the archivist, historian, continuity, and packrat for the office. That’s not a good thing. In fact, I hate being the person who is expected to come up with data from 2010 to compare to 2015. But other than data, I have tons of stuff. So I picked through my drawers and cupboards and here is what I came up with….

Pure garbage:

Paper bag

Stack of label sheets half used, wrinkled, dirty

One bookend

Bottom half of sugar container

Dried up glue bottle

Gummy handsanitizer

Broken bling mug

Date stamp (Last date usable 2014)

Ancient tea bags, sugar packets

2 Dried up glue sticks

3 bling squeeze balls (cute, but don’t want)


Sent to the company office suppy:

One nice pair of scissors (I had 2)

Index cards

Staple remover (I kept 2 of different styles)

Stack of “sign here” sticky tabs (I have too many)

Small desk calendar for 2016 (I won’t use it)

10 steno books (ewhh)

Photo paper (never use it)

CD Labels (My computer doesn’t have a CD reader, never use them)

Giant stamp “Property of (Company Name)”

Extra electrical powerstrip

2-hole punch

In-Out boxes

Password/Address book

3 boxes of scotch tape (I kept one)

3 boxes of my favorite pens (I kept one)

2 boxes of staples (I kept one)


Personal things I kept, but taking home or tossing:

Crocheted Cross (memory thing)

Small Bible (I use online now)

2 boxes of java jig coffee dispensers

Small sample mouthwash

Metal tea ball


Plastic food storage container

Total clean up time, 45 minutes. There is more I am struggling with that needs to go…. Those awful employee awards on my wall…. 2001, 2007, and a 2012 are staring at me… They gotta go.


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