My Task Files ~ Order from Chaos

I’ve always loved the card system for household tasks. I do it by dividing out tasks by color: Yellow: Weekly, Green: Monthly, Orange: Twice a Year, and Pink: Yearly. I have 31 white cards for Days of the Month and transfer them to the next month as I finished them. But after re-starting the system (again) last summer, I’ve decided this is not working as it is set up. 20151112_100101_resized-001Because of my crazy schedule, it is cumbersome to separate out every task according to day. The first photo is what I started in July. I am constantly having to sort out in my brain where the weekends fall so I can distribute the work load where I am most likely to be able to handle certain jobs. I kept coming across days where I could have done more, but I would have that scheduled for another day. If I chose to do the job, it meant finding the card, then resorting it again. AGH!! Nope… it wasn’t good.

So, today I started a new system. I will no longer sort every day, but instead separate out 4 or 5 weeks per month, distribute among those weeks, then adjust throughout the week according to time I have. If I end up with a heavy load by the last day of the week, so be it, I will just work harder, longer, and train myself to better time management.

Here is the photo of the new system I created this morning:


It’s definitely cleaner and clearer in my brain as to what I am working with for the week and month. All Monthly tasks are distributed over the weeks, and then when finished will go to the corresponding week the next month. (if I do something the first week of Dec, it will go to the first week of Jan next month). Weekly tasks are spread over the weeks the same, and then I sprinkle in the twice a year and yearly throughout the year. I think it will work. I hope it will work, because I know if the system is followed, your house will never get out of control to the point you would be embarrassed should company arrive unexpected!

What do you think? I welcome your thoughts and suggestions!


6 thoughts on “My Task Files ~ Order from Chaos

  1. This is for personal household tasks. I’ve found if I don’t somehow schedule a bit of work every day, it just piles up. Yellow: Daily Green: Monthly Orange: Twice a year Pink: Yearly Thank you for commenting!

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  2. I work from home and I am looking for a new way to organize my work and personal tasks – This sounds like a very efficient and effective way. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Yes, one of the reasons why I love January is because I can oversee a whole year of all the things I need/want to achieve in the home. This year there is a lot of redecorating to do, but because I suffer from fibromyalgia I need to schedule everything carefully, pacing self really well, it’s all down to management and planning (which I enjoy). I am finding your blog helpful and full of new – to me – ideas! Proper planning of tasks does make things easier.


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